What’s the number one thing that every business wants? – More customers, of course. But what comes after customers on a company’s wish list? – More people visiting their website! This blog will give you five ways to increase organic traffic to your site, which means getting more site visitors without running paid ads

5 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to your Site

Optimise for your Audience, not only for Search Engines

Search engines determine the sites’ ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Because of this, many businesses often optimise their site to satisfy the search engines technical ranking criteria.

However, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search platforms also look at metrics such as the amount of time spent on the site, pages clicked, the number of pages visited, and many more, which means your visitors’ enjoyment in using your site matters. When they spend more time on your site visiting dozens of pages, it is indicative that they find your content beneficial.

So the first and probably the most important tip on how to increase organic traffic is to create your site’s content for humans, specifically for your audience and not only to appease search engines. This approach has a more lasting effect because it sparks your audience’s interest and builds their trust.

Add Keywords in your Site’s Content

Scatter keywords strategically all over your site’s content (blogs, meta description, page descriptions, titles and headers, image alt-tex and URL structure). Add them in a way that will make sense to the readers.

Before choosing which keywords to use, conduct keyword research to know what people are searching for and understand the competition. Google’s Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMRUSH are excellent keyword research platforms. 

However, don’t just go for the most popular searched keywords. Use long tail keywords – those that are relevant to your industry, product and service and very specific to the content you will publish. Long tail keywords are also those that people most likely will use when they do a voice search. 

Add your Website Link to Local Directories

When you have a business, people need to find where you are and know the products and services you offer. Setting up a Google My Business page is an excellent way to get your business out there. Plus, it’s free.

Optimise your Google My Business page by completing all necessary information, including contact information, trading hours, and website link. We suggest regularly publishing posts that promote content available on your website, such as new blogs or services you offer. Add keywords on your caption and hashtags to increase the chances of it showing up on SERPs.

Find or Make Opportunities to Do Internal Linking 

Your site’s ranking isn’t solely determined by the number of external visits it generates. It can also be affected by the backlinking set up. When creating and publishing content, make sure to keep an eye or even proactively make opportunities for internal linking. A great example is to cross link between blogs and services.

Promote Content on Social Media

Promoting your site content on social media is one of the easiest ways to increase organic traffic. Regularly create and publish blogs, and make it a point to schedule promoting it on your social media accounts

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow linking on the caption. While Instagram is yet to have this feature, recently, they allowed linking on their Stories. You can also create a linktree account, a free social media reference landing page, for making several links available to your Instagram followers.

Looking for Ways To Increase Organic Traffic, Contact Us 

It is natural and even necessary to want to have more visitors to your site when running a business. Having more people visiting your website means more opportunities for lead generation

Whilst running paid ads is the first thing that comes to mind (and we know from experience that it’s effective), there are also many ways to increase organic traffic to your site. Implement these ways today, and let us know if you have any questions.