LinkedIn has started testing the Premium Company Page subscription, and we have the inside scoop for you! They’re rolling out a Premium Company Page subscription with features to help you get noticed and grow your company page engagement.

What is a Premium Company Page Subscription?

LinkedIn’s Premium Company Page Subscription provides businesses with advanced tools and features to help them stand out – which, let’s face it, is essential when it comes to Social Media. You can increase engagement, expand reach, and grow your audience using the subscription.

The Premium Company Page subscription provides users with the following:

  • Custom Call-to-action buttons: Encourage users to take action with buttons such as Call Now, Email Us, and Visit the Website.
  • Who’s Visited My Page: You can view who has visited your page weekly, much like LinkedIn Premium for professional profiles – this can help with targeted outreach strategies.
  • Custom testimonials: Build authority in the market with testimonials from your clients and customers.
  • AI-powered post writing assistance: Use AI tools to optimise content that resonates with your audience.
  • Auto-invite engaged members to follow your Page: Businesses can expand their follower base by inviting engaged members to follow their page.
  • A Gold LinkedIn IN logo: Much like the Meta blue tick, this is gold! A good way to help make your company page stand out.

Who is Eligible to Use This Feature?

LinkedIn is currently rolling out this product, so you may not have access yet. To subscribe to the Premium Company Page, you must be a super admin. Please note that subscriptions can only be done on a desktop.

Benefits of a Premium Company Page Subscription for Businesses

Enhances Engagement

The new custom call to action (CTA), such as signing up for newsletters, visiting the website, or contacting sales teams, takes users off LinkedIn. They are then introduced to your world and your brand, which will help build warm leads. In addition, having these interactions means your page is engaged, which helps push your organic content out to more users.

Improves Brand Visibility

Featuring testimonials on your company page adds authenticity and credibility, which makes your brand more appealing to potential clients and partners. Positive endorsements from satisfied customers can also help enhance your brand’s reputation. Adding AI tools to help craft the right message can also help ensure the content you share is relevant to your audience, all of which support in receiving shares, likes, and comments.

Streamline Marketing Efforts

Access to detailed insights about your page’s visitors enables more targeted and effective marketing strategies. By understanding your visitors’ demographics and behaviour, you can customise your content and outreach efforts to better align with their needs and interests.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Knowing which members visit your page provides a competitive edge by enabling proactive engagement with potential leads. Businesses can convert interest into tangible opportunities by reaching out to these visitors with personalised messages or targeted paid advertising.

Maximise Your Growth: Benefits of a LinkedIn Premium Company Page Subscription for Businesses

As you can see, the LinkedIn Premium Company Page subscription offers businesses powerful tools to improve their online presence, attract new audiences, and drive growth.

The LinkedIn Premium Company Page features allow you to create captivating posts that effectively connect with your target audience, expand reach and foster organic growth whilst monitoring and tracking performance.

At Puzzle Media, we’re excited to help you unlock these benefits. Whether you need guidance in optimising your company page, creating compelling content, or running targeted ads, our team is here to support you. Contact us today to get started!