Social Media Marketing For Business


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Ready to jump into Social Media Marketing for business, but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have taken the leap but you’re just winging it and not seeing any results?

You’re nodding your head, right?

What if we could offer you guidance, help you with your strategy and content to set you on the right path?

Would that be awesome?

Our Social Media Marketing for Business pack is great for small businesses that need some guidance when it comes to Social Media Marketing for Business. We cover:

  1. What platforms to use for YOUR business
  2. What to post
  3. When to post, and
  4. Why post at all

We’ll help get you started and then hand it over for you to manage in house… with lots of support and direction.

Social Media Marketing for Business includes:

Strategy Session

In the 30-60 minute social media strategy session, we go through different social platforms and determine the best platform(s) for YOUR business; and how to use them effectively to engage and target your markets.

Social Media Posting Plan

After determining what platforms are best for your business, we develop content pillars for your business and a social media posting plan, all aligned with your business objectives. We also provide you with content ideas that engage and entertain followers.

Social Media Content (30 Days)

With the help of our professional graphic designer, we then develop social media content for 30 days (30 posts). We’ll create brand-specific social media tiles that you can keep and update for future posts. With most people sharing on Social Media 3-4 times per week, the content should last 2-3 months if you integrate with your standard business content.

Additional Add-Ons

Stop the ‘Quick, let’s post something, we haven’t posted anything in days!’ – We can schedule or teach you how to best schedule content on different social media platforms using effective tools. It will save you oodles of time, we promise. We also offer training on advertising, support and management and much more.

Tina really knows her stuff! In 45 minutes flat – she sorted out a heap of issues I had with FB ads and boosted by conversions with her insider knowledge of the Facebook Advert system. Hire her today before her price goes up!


Ready to get on top of your social media? Ready to make it “pop”? Let’s do this!

Contact us or book in an initial chat. We’ll help you get your Social Media Marketing working for you to increase your business opportunities and leads.