Gold Coast Google Ads Management


When it comes to lead generation for local businesses, our Gold Coast Google Ads Management services are ideal!

Why, we hear you ask? Because we get our clients RESULTS! These days anyone can register with Google Adwords. They sit a free course and call themselves a Gold Coast Google Ads Management agency. BUT the question is, are they able to share results like these…


For this client, we managed to get 7 conversions (phone calls and enquiries from the Google Ads), over a 7 day period. As a result, they achieved over $20,000 in revenue. A great win when you look at the ad spend.

Gold Coast Google Ads Results
gold coast google ads management

We achieved 16 conversions in the space of a week for this client. That means 16 ACTUAL enquiries from the Google Ads we ran. This client typically sells their services for $700-1500 and converts around 70% of their Google Ads enquiries. When you do the maths you will see they achieved a phenomenal return on investment for their Google Adwords.

Finally our very own Google Ads campaign last year before we rebranded. We practice what we preach!

We closed 4 out of 7 clients for over $5,000 revenue and spent under $700.

gold coast google ads management

Google Ads Results

We share results from our clients using our Gold Coast Google Ads Management services because we are transparent about what we do. We believe in empowering business owners. As a result, they are in control and understand how they can grow their business using Google Adwords.

Don’t get us wrong, Google Ads is NOT for every business owner or every product/service. However, it can work really well for many. It’s usually a case of having a conversation about what you’re trying to achieve to identify what works best for you.

To find out more about our services and to have a confidential chat about the right option for you, please contact us.

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