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Need help with Social Media Gold Coast business owners?

If you are ready to receive more calls, leads and enquiries into your business every day without having to figure out how to use Social Media then read on…


Introducing: Social Media Paid Advertising

Using Social Media Paid Advertising campaigns can make a significant positive impact on your business, when executed correctly. What we mean by ‘correctly’ is beyond the boosted post on Facebook and Instagram. When we manage campaigns for our clients we are setting them up for success from the start by using the right objectives for their audience and campaigns.

When it comes to Social Media Paid Advertising there are a host of platforms to tap into including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok.. to name a few. With so many opportunities to reach your audience it feels like an obvious choice for most businesses to invest in some form of Social Media Advertising.

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We work with you to figure out what you want to achieve, who you want to attract and what your offer is.


Yes we do the sha-bang. Content creation, witty copy, images that STOP THE PRESS, and audience selections that convert.


We test, we measure, we learn, we adjust until we have the best set up for your social media account.

Where else will you find…

⇢ Proven methods that we have been using for over nine years

⇢ A cheaper way of running ads rather than employing an in-house FB Ads manager (at around $90k per annum salary)

⇢ New clients lining up to work with you and use your services

⇢ The easiest way to reach your target market in the spot they hang out the most

⇢ Guaranteed results within as little as 30-60 Days


Too good to be true?

We’re sure you’ve been told that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but in this case NO that is not true – and you can go and check out our testimonials of our happy clients from Brisbane, Gold Coast & all over Australia and take a peek at our results in the Case Studies shown.

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Some puzzles we’ve already solved:

Client 1: $7800 advertising spend, 358 leads (phone and email); $67k+ revenue

Client 2: $3800 Spend, 287 Phone & Email Leads; $140k + revenue

Client 3: $2100 Spend, 62 Phone Enquires; $45,000 + revenue

Client 4: $700 Spend; 378 Email Leads; $4,500+ revenue

Client 5: $500 Spend; 35 Phone Enquiries; $15,000+ revenue

Client Results

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Social Media Paid Advertising Campaigns can be tailored to your audience of potential clients/customers and should communicate the business with values of the end user. Building a robust campaign that delivers results through the targeting options on social media platforms requires a team that understands the data available, as well as copywriters and graphic designers to make your brand pop and stand out in the scrolling era.

Luckily, understanding how Social Media Advertising works, is something the Puzzle Media crew do best! We have a skilled team available ready to support with strategy, media buying, copy and creative.

One of the reasons we love paid social media advertising campaigns, is that not only can we target clients audiences, we can measure and track every step. Yes we are a bunch of data nerds and we share that love with our clients because when it comes to marketing the NUMBERS COUNT (see what we did there?!).

Want to use social media to take your business marketing to the next level? Not sure where to start? Then you’re in the right place. At Puzzle Media, we are passionate about working with businesses to solve their marketing puzzle. If you’re interested in learning more, please book a call with us today.

The marketing struggle is over... we're here to help solve whatever's puzzling you.