Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is a great tool for small local businesses. You can share essential information such as location, services, opening hours, customer reviews and much more.  It’s a great way for small businesses looking to gain visibility and build a reputation.

Benefits of Google Business  Profile for Small Businesses: Why Use It?


Having a Google Business Profile means if someone nearby is searching for your services, you appear in searches, making it easier for prospective customers and clients to contact you. Your business will also appear on Google Maps, making it easy to find your location and get directions, which is very important for brick-and-mortar businesses.

If your business has an optimised profile and your competitors don’t, customers are more likely to contact you. That’s what we want!

Builds Trust

According to a report, about 95% of customers read online reviews before buying from a business. That number says a lot about how online reviews influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

Google Business Profile allows people to conveniently submit their reviews about your business. This can increase your business’s search ranking organically as Google also adds ‘SEO points’ when you receive more 5-star reviews.

Ensure you provide a good service to make it easier for happy customers and clients to share their positive reviews about your business. You may have to ask for reviews, ideally from satisfied customers, however, ask individually rather than in a group email setting. If you receive too many reviews within a certain time period, Google can flag these as spam and not show them. We have to play by Google rules here!

Delivers Useful Data and Insights

Google Business Profile also offers insights into your profile visitors, providing helpful data such as:

  • Your viewers’ location
  • How people are searching your business listing
  • How people are arriving on your website

Having access to this information may help you tailor other digital marketing for your specific ideal client.

Establishes Credibility

A Google Business Profile also allows you to post valuable content similar to social media platforms. You can share updates, announce new products or services, promote special offers, and other educational content. The constant stream of relevant, engaging content helps attract and connect with potential customers and establishes your business as an active and trustworthy entity in your field. By consistently providing value through your posts, you demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your customers, further boosting your credibility.

Zero Cost, Infinite Gains

With all the benefits of Google Business Profile, the best news is that it’s a free tool! It’s an advertisement for your business at no cost. An optimised Google Business Profile can significantly boost a small business’s online visibility and attract new customers without a significant financial investment.

Google Business Profile: A Communication and Marketing Tool that Empowers Small Businesses

By using Google Business Profile, small businesses have a free platform within Google, the largest search engine, to promote their products and services and share important information. All of this helps potential customers need to help make their purchasing decisions. From location and trading hours to valuable published content and customer reviews, Google Business Profile can help increase visibility online, build trust, and ultimately attract more customers.

In addition, the valuable insights and analytics the tool generates allow small business owners to understand their audience better and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies.

Please get in touch with us if you run a small business and need help optimising and managing your Google Business Profile. Our team is happy to help.