As a small business owner in Australia, finding cost-effective ways to reach new customers can take time and effort. That’s where Google Ads comes in. The online advertising beast of a platform allows business owners to be in front of people who are actively searching for what they offer. Mastering Google Ads, however, takes some know-how. Here are three handy tips to help your small business get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns:

Google Ads: 3 Tips for Small Businesses

Tip 1: Get Keyword Targeting Right

Keywords are words or phrases you choose for your ads to appear when people search for your products and services on Google. There are different “match types” that control how precisely your keywords have to match what someone searches.

Broad match is the most comprehensive range – your ads can show for related searches beyond just your keywords. Phrase and exact matches are more specific, only showing ads when the full keyword phrase is part of the search.

The right mix of match types can help maximise your ad’s visibility while being relevant. The key is to adjust your keywords based on performance throughout your campaign.

Tip 2: Try Visual Search Ads

Visual Search ads appear when someone searches Google using an image instead of text. For example, if someone did an image search for ‘modern living room designs’, you could have an ad for your furniture showroom show up.

These immersive ads tap into a user’s visual interests, making them engaging for product businesses. Give your brand extra exposure by being present when people are visually exploring needs and interests related to what you offer.

Tip 3: Explore YouTube Video Ads

Video advertising is massive these days, and YouTube is one of the best platforms for small businesses to get in on the action through Google Ads. YouTube video ads play before, during or after the videos people are watching.

Besides video ads, you can also run image/animated display ads alongside related YouTube videos people view. Video engagingly catches attention, helping your business break through the noise.

Stay Ahead of What Works on Google Ads for Small Businesses

Digital advertising will continue to evolve. Small businesses planning to use PPC, such as  Google Ads, can stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with new features. This allows your small businesses to leverage the latest targeting options to reach your ideal audience more effectively. Additionally, new features may offer improved campaign management tools or ad formats that can help your brand stand out and get better results for your marketing budget.

The beauty of Google Ads for small businesses is you only pay when people click on your ads. With some strategic use of keywords, imagery and video – you can get your business in front of the right audiences at opportune moments. Mastering Google Ads takes effort, but it can be a powerful, cost-efficient way to grow.

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